EXE Storage

Exe Storage FAQs

Do you provide transport for getting our items to the storage containers?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide transport to our storage sites; however we do have forklift facilities available for unloading goods. In addition to this we are also able to accept deliveries on your behalf.


Are the containers/ site continuously monitored?
We recognise the importance of the safety of your goods and we have excellent on site security. We have 24 hour CCTV with floodlighting at night.


When can I access my goods?
You can access your goods at all times as we allow 24 hour access.

What do I need to store my goods?
We like to make the storage of goods as simple as possible, all you will need is proof of identity, i.e. Passport or Driving Licence, etc. and a currently utility bill.

Do I need to take out my own insurance for items that are going to be stored?
Yes it is advised, particularly if you are storing valuable goods that the items are insured.


Am I able to reserve storage space in advance?
Yes, if you phone to discuss your storage container needs we will be able to agree a period in which you will be available to provide you with a container.


Do you have any packaging materials available?
In terms of protecting your goods from damp, there shouldn’t be any need for extra packaging materials as all of our units are clean and treated for condensation, therefore your possessions will remain dry. If however you have fragile goods that you want to package we advise that you pre pack your goods prior to bringing them to storage depot so that they are kept safe during transport.


Do you have trolleys available to help transport heavy goods?
We have great access for furniture Lorries and vans therefore you will be able to get close to transport your goods close to the storage containers. We also have forklift facilities available for unloading goods on site.

Can I move my items in on the same day I enquire?
As long as we have storage space available moving your items in is usually a quick and easy process. All you will need is proof of identity, i.e. Passport or Driving License, etc. and a currently utility bill.

What am I allowed to store in my container?
Our storage containers are perfect for both domestic and business storage. We provide the ideal storage for excess furniture, clothing storage, sports equipment, garden furniture, motorbikes, small boats, office furniture, tools and equipment, marketing equipment, archive storage and so on. We will not permit the storage of any illegal goods in our storage containers.

Do you charge to access my goods?
No, we will agree a fee at the beginning for the storage of your goods and you will have 24 hour access to your storage as and when needed.

Can you provide me with an over the phone quote?
Yes, we can usually deal with your request and provide you with quote if you call us to discuss your storage container needs.


Will I need to carry out any maintenance on the storage containers?
Our storage containers are new, clean and treated for condensation, therefore little maintenance will be required from you.

Is there a minimum hire period?
Our storage containers are available for rent for different periods of time both short term and long term rent. Call us to discuss your storage needs and we will help you pick the storage period that is right for you..

How much notice do I have to give to take my things out of the containers?
We would ask if you could give us an indication of when you will be vacating your container when you no longer require it. This will assist us to keep our records complete ensuring gate keys are returned to us and that payment is either up to date/and or standing orders are cancelled from our customers banks so overpayment is avoided.


How do we pay for our storage?
Standing Order Mandate is our preferred method of payment though we are looking to provide a Direct Debit facility in ther future.